About Us

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  • Serving the community for over 50 years.

Come on in and let me tell you a little bit about us!

Big ‘C' Drugs began on the east side of the Square in 1971. It moved to its current location, 106 Parks Avenue, in 1973 and it currently owned by Jeff Stewart. Big ‘C' Drugs is very patient and community oriented. We offer a unique and varied array of products, services, and counseling in an effort to better serve the overall needs of our patients. Some of these include: state of the art pharmacy to handle all of your prescription needs, compound specialist for customized medications, diabetic supplies, and medications for nebulizers. As a Medicare Accredited Pharmacy, we also offer expert and individual counseling in such areas as: Medicare Billing and Rights, medications,diabetic monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and Medicare-D plans. Besides prescription medications and over the counter medications, Big ‘C' also has a staff ready to help you with last minute items such as greeting cards,educational toys, WebKinz@, seasonal items, and gifts.

One of the ways that Big ‘C' Drugs offers more personalized attention to their customers is through our compounding. Compounding is the ability to prepare unique, otherwise unavailable, and more palatable dosage forms of medications. In our compounding lab, the pharmacist can customize medications to suit the patients needs. All compounding requests come from doctors and it is essentially a triad-doctor, patient and pharmacist.

Perhaps you or your spouse qualifies for Medicare-D coverage, but you do not know which plan will be best for you. Big ‘C' can help you make these types of decisions easy for you. We have insurance specialists that will assist you in choosing the right plan.